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DJP's S.H.A.G. Soulful House And Garage live Radio show on http://PressureRadio.com
S.H.A.G. Soulful House And Garage live Radio Show Playing Deep Soulful Afro House
Category: Vocal House
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DJP Pressure: Deep Soulful house DJ and owner of Pressure Radio https://pressureradio.com DJ & founder owner of Pressure R...

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May 10, 2016 04:05 PM PDT

Chilled relaxing Deep Soulful & Afro House music Mixed Live by DJP

# Artist - Title
1 Doug Gomez - Our Thing (Original Mix)
2 De Vibe Tribe - Deep In The Lake (Main Mix)
3 Afronature - Chilling Vibe
4 Abicah Soul - Lonely Hearts (Instrumental)
5 Mario Marques, CT Martin, Kenny Carpenter - Caught Up (Kenny Carpenter Honeybun Vocal Mix)
6 Luciano Gioia, Luis Radio - Pacifico (Luis Radio Remix)
7 Kelvin Sylvester, Nephrom! - Special Kind Of Love (Original Mix)
8 CPEN - Tweed Heads (Matthew Bandy remix) - 5A - 125
9 Terry Lex - Rhythm Of Life [Original Club]12-3-11
10 Jackie Queens & Enoo Napa - Read My Mind ***
11 Mat2Strass, Kenny Bobien - I Will (Deep Mix)
12 Hideo Kobayashi, Lisa Taylor, JT Donaldson - Right Here (JT and Hideo Remix)
13 Gintonic - Love Today (Original Mix)
14 Moon Rocket, Tori Rogg - Who You Are (The Moon Ext. Mix)
15 Octopuz, Mr Jbu - More I Love You (9090 Deeper Vocal Mix)
16 Dzo(AudionicSouls) - Days (729 Soulful Mix)
17 Lesny Deep, De Vow - Believe Me (Instrumental Mix)
18 Johan S, Soulfuledge - The One (Original Mix)
19 Anthony Mea - Street Of Love
20 Braderz (Da posse ft Martell 1989) - Searchin' Hard 2016 Braderz remake +++

*** Hot new Amzing Promo by Jackie Queens & Enoo Napa - Read My Mind

+++ Exclusive Promo Only Not for sale
Catch DJP live on http://pressureradio.com every Monday 10pm UK time (5pm NYC time)

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May 03, 2016 02:34 PM PDT

Num. Artist Title
1 Beverly Hills - Sunny Girl (Original Mix)
2 1605 - Impulse (Original Mix)
3 Kings Of Groove - Special Moments (Club Jan´s Love Mix)
4 Soulbridge, Rachael Calladine, Luis Loowee R Rivera - State Of Mind (Luis Loowee R Rivera Remix)
5 Soulful Session, Selina Campbell, Kenny Carpenter - Love Rain Down (Kenny Carpenter Comfort Zone Mix)
6 Zulu's At Work, Wendy Jane Satchell - How Love Goes (Main Vocal Mix)
7 Sole Vxion - Quest Of Love (Instrumental Mix)
8 The Memory Notes, Diane Charlemagne, Solar Flare - Follow The Sun (Solar Flare Dub)
9 Mario Marques, CT Martin, Kenny Carpenter - Caught Up (Kenny Carpenter Honeybun Vocal Mix)
10 KqueSol, Shatti - Holding On (Original Mix)
11 Yonela Roloti,Happy Mdunjana - Take Me Higher (Radio Edit)
12 Farm House Projects - Step Into The Blues (Original Mix)
13 H Justini, Velma Dandzo - Now (Main Mix)
14 Tracebeatz & Bob, Darian Crouse - Won't Be The One (N'Dinga Gaba Remix)
15 GU - Forever Love (Original Vocal)
16 Lesny Deep, De Vow - Believe Me (Instrumental Mix)
17 Infected Soul - Bon Voyage - Iklwa Bros
18 Lisa Foster Wilson - No One (I'm Free) GT SLAAG MIX (GT SLAAG EXTENDUB MIX)
19 Jose Sousa, Jessica Custer - How You Living - The Soul Creative mix - Perception

S.H.A.G. Radio Show is broadcast live 10pm (UK time) every Monday on www.pressureradio.com

We welcome your feedback and please subscribe if you enjoy.

April 13, 2016 12:59 PM PDT

The best in Deep Soulful & Afro House
Num. Artist Title
1 Killing Mid Side, Daniel Barross, Q Narongwate - Some Day (Q Narongwate Remix)
2 Leanbacker, Ross Couch - Sweet Dreams (Ross Couch House Dub)
3 The BBn & Ron Carroll, Sean McCabe - That's The Way (Sean McCabe's Powerhouse mix)
4 Seal - Violet (Scott Wozniak Bootleg Mix) - 8A
5 Blaq Deep - Fly Me To The Moon
6 Antony Crox - Monsterous (Main Dark Dream)
7 Glenn Underground - Man On Fire
8 Dvine Brothers, Afrique Essence - Soulful Melodies (Original Mix)
9 D La Dino - Soul Cafe (Original Mix)
10 Nteeze & Andy, Jaidene Veda, REAL DEEP - You And Me A Melody (REAL DEEP Dub Mix)
11 Eman & Doc Link - Vocalease (Deez Inst)
12 Wil Milton, Rodney Carter, Eric Scott - Uncertain (Bliss NYC Vocal Mix)
13 Wil Milton - Ibeje Tu Con Muerto (Alt Mix) - 8B/8A
14 Argy, Ditto - Let Me Out
15 Glenn Gregory - Just Playin
16 Room 806 - Memories (Original Mix)
17 Addvibe, Tamba Benoit, SoundSience - Akabe (Soundscience's Capital Soul Remix)
18 Kenny Bobien, Chris Perez - You're Always There (Chris Perez Bonus Mix)
19 Kite, Doc"N"Tones - Where The Light Left Me (JAYAW Afro Mix)

Recorded Live on Pressure Radio Every Monday 10pm Uk time

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March 26, 2016 02:57 PM PDT

S.H.A.G. Soulful House And Garage Live Radio Show recording DJP Monday 21-March-2016

Num. Artist Title
1 Sofy Encanto - Once Again (Once Again (The Soul Creative Mix)
2 Joseph Junior, MAQman & Jezrael - Spiritualized (MAQman & Jezrael Instrumental)
3 Louie Vega, Cassio Ware - Just The Way I Like It (Dance Ritual Fuzion Studio Mix)
4 Martin Thomas - Higher (Dub Mix)
5 Sean McCabe, Erik Dillard - Everything’s Alright Ft Erik Dillard (Sean McCabe All-Dub Mix)
6 Anthony K. - Distance (Rhythm Inside Chords)
7 LeePearsonJr Collective, K LaDawn - The Real Deal (Inst. Mix)
8 Ethnix - Mosadi (Main Mix)
9 Alex Millet, Curtis Clark, Earl Tutu, John Khan - Nobody Can Take My Soul, Pt. 1 (Earl Tutu & John Khan Mix)
10 Niko Favata, Mara J Boston - Sing My Joy (Original Mix)
11 Monodeluxe - City Lights (Original Mix)
12 Dub Striker - Shangri-La Sunset (Original Mix)
13 Rune - Knock Knock (Main Mix)
14 Peyton, Eric Kupper - When I'm Dreaming (Eric Kupper's Original Mix)
15 Magnet Matthews, Mr. Vin K, Zinitta - Water Still (Soulface Remix)
16 The Laidbacks, Misoul - Sober (Main Instrumental Mix)
17 Kite, Doc"N"Tones - Where The Light Left Me (JAYAW Afro Mix)
18 Marttin - The Underground (Original Mix)
19 TCM, Marc Evans - Felt Like Heaven (Original)
20 Trans of Life - Foi Voce (TOL Vocal Dub)

Catch DJP Live on Pressure Radio Every Monday 10pm UK Time (5pm NYC Time)

March 16, 2016 02:11 PM PDT

Poolside Set Recorded live at Vocal Booth weekender 2015 Spain

DJP in the Mix

March 04, 2016 03:15 PM PST

Relaxing Deep Soulful & Afro House to blow your mind Recorded Live on http://PressureRadio.com DJP
# Artist - Track
1 Kay-9ine - Welcome Home (Tribute To My Son Mix)
2 DJ Sonic - Teenage Love (Original Mix)
3 Ethnix - Mosadi (Main Mix)
4 Soulem, Mbuso Magubane - Choices (Original Mix)
5 Louie Vega, Kaylow - Can We Keep This Going (Album Mix)
6 The Soulband Project A.K.A Thomchris - Taking Me Higher (Original Mix)
7 DJ Sonic - This Is It (Original Mix)
8 Faith Howard, Ondagroove - Waymaker (Ondagroove Mix)
9 Bryan Washington, Gordy Love, Rishi Bass - My Love (Rishi Bass Classic Rework)
10 The Soul Collective, Giandomenico Di Vito, Carla Prather - God With Me (Instrumental)
11 Beppe Gioia of Garage Family ft Tommaso Da Prato - Journey (Original)
12 Kid Fonque, D-Malice, Clara Hill, Atjazz - All This Time (Atjazz Astro Remix)
13 E-Jay & Over12 Feat. Lebo - Umuntu (Instrumental)
14 Liquid People pres. Danism ft. Heidi Vogel - Hypnotize Sole Spring Sampler - 4A - 127
15 Hot Wind - You Kiss Me (Vocal Mix)
16 Kings of Groove ft. Jessi Colasante - I Can't Get You (Dub Mix) - 6A
17 BLAZE - Gloria's Muse (Danny Krivit 718 mix)
18 Randomized Coffee - Agboho (N'Dinga Gaba Remix)

February 29, 2016 02:01 PM PST
itunes pic

DJP Live in the mix Recorded Live on Pressure Radio 25-February-2016

Deep Soulful and Afro House music nice and chilled and lively towards the end for the extended session.

Sorry no playlist most of the tracks are ID'd on the recording.


Thanks for listening

February 20, 2016 04:39 PM PST

SHAG Soulful House And Garage Podcast recorded live on Pressure Radio

Artist - Track
1 TOMEE - Without You
2 DJ Christos - Weekend Special (Nastee Nev 0808 Sweetsoul Remix )
4 Bah Samaba - Moonlight - Dj Spinna Galactic Soul Instrumental
5 Darque, Darque, smooth agent, greatest man, south african - Greatest Man
6 Sobz - Summer Love (Blackjean Rmx)
7 Stephanie Cooke & Diephuis ft Han Litz - Beautiful Life [Manoo Flute Mix]
8 Dubheadz 891 - Tears In My Eyes
9 Raffa Scocca - Louco de Amor [Luis Radio Supernatural rmx]
10 Expo's Jazz & Joy - Phantastic Philadelphia
11 PhatFrank, Dana Weaver - Hot (N'Dinga Gaba Remix)
12 Cool Million, Jonny Montana, Craig Stewart - Back for More (Ft Eugene Wilde)(Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart Mix)
13 Darque, Howard - My Heart Belongs (Original Mix)
14 DJ Harris ft D'vine - Get Down (Essential-I Deeper Mix)
15 Echo Deep & Mathew Kay - Lost in Words -
16 Luis Radio & Raffa Scoccia - Believe [Dj Spen Cant Get Enough Dub]
17 Deepconsoul - In My Thoughts (Original Mix)


Originally Broadcast on http://pressureradio.com Deep Soulful house music 247

February 14, 2016 02:52 PM PST

DJP Soulful House And Garage SHAG 11-Feb-16

Num. Artist - Title
1 Milky Thee Soul, Mikie Blak, Abicah Soul - Chase The Sun (Abicah Soul Vocal Mix) JAN 2016
2 DJ Pope feat. Mustafa Akbar - Heaven (DJ Pope's Heaven Vocal)
3 Vivi Da Cado, O Tee - Blessings From God (Jazzical Mix)
4 Lusi Mel - Local Mover's (Jazz & Blues)
5 Dj Licky & Junior Pitt, Alec Sun Drae - Can't Wait For Love (Deeplomatik & Masta P Remix)
6 Darque, Black Coffee, Kaylow - Ready For The World (Original Mix)
7 JayMoss Crew - Deep In The Jungle
8 Reagan Grey ft Christie Nelson - Love love [DJ Pope mix]22 Dec 10
9 DjPope ft. Sheila Ford - LOVE 2008 REMIXES (Sofitone Vocal Mix)
10 Deepconsoul - Last Time We Kissed
11 Afrodrops - Nice Cream EP (Nice Cream (original mix)
12 AFRO-REBEL_Tinozz_n_Poetic - Intoxicated - Ronny D UNR Mix
13 Mahjong Cali Nights - Nardis Mix
14 Tyrone Ellis - Music In The Air (Reel Soul Deep Vocal Mix)
15 kerri chandler ft Arnold jarvis - Music is my friend
16 Kerri Chandler ft Roy Ayers - Good Vibrations [Orig]Madhouse 2003
17 Chujo - Always Be Around (Original Mix)
19 Ralphi Rosario feat. Linda Clifford - Wanna Give It Up - Lego's Dub
20 Ben Watt & Justin Martin - lone Cat [2005]
21 Quentin Harris - Haunted (feat. Sly Scott)
22 Patrick Green - Back in Time (Flute Mix)
23 Underground Solution feat. Jasmine - Luv Dancin' (In Deep Mix)
24 Lord-Driga Markwaeh - Half Moon
25 Arco - Melody Of Love (Arco 2013 remix)
26 Dawn Tallman - Jumpin [DC productions nu-soul rmx]
27 Scott Wozniak - Misfired 2007
28 Marlon D. - Deep In The Conga EP (Sizzling Congas (Melted Conga Mix)
29 Gypsy Men (Todd Terry) - Babaratiri [TT100 Part 1] 2001
30 DJ Le Roi ft Roland Clark - I Get Deep (Original Mix)
31 DEEPoint - Sunset Point (Original)

February 07, 2016 10:29 AM PST

DJP Thursday Night SHAG Soulful House And Garage Radio show Recorded 4-February-2016
Num. Artist Title
Opening Soul Central - Song for Shama
1 Vick Lavender feat Carla Prather & R.J Green Respect Our Love (Kennys Main Vocal Mix)
2 LooweeR & C Robert Walker - You Can Be More - (Vocal) Main Mix
3 DJ Spen pres. Dana Weaver - Heavenly (N’Dinga Gaba & Jon Vance Pitch Pimp Rmx)
4 Jullian Gomes - Love Song 28 (Atjazz Remix)
5 Vick Lavender - The L.O.V.E SONG "From Chicago to New York" (Vick Lavender's unreleased V.L.E mix)
6 trinidadiandeep ft jaidene veda & hosanna littlebird - MIND FLUID
7 Ultra Naté - Desire (Kerri Chandler Underground mix)
8 BLACKLIQUID - Wanna Drive (BL's PCH mix)
9 Vick Lavender - Vida's muse reworked. (Vick Lavendr's Diaspora's Den full mix)
10 Deep Elementz pres. House Knowledge (El's Factory Mix)
11 JR REX - Wanna Dance? (original mix)
12 Balage - How Did We Get To Here (N'dinga Gaba Late Nite Instrumental)
13 Daniel J. & DJ Jaz feat. Dahrio - Wonder I Can't Get Enough - Part One: The Soul Mixes (Harlum Remix)
14 France Deep, & Soniferous, Ft Ntandokazi - Chocolatte (Zozo's Soulful Essence Mix)
15 Ben Westbeech - So Good Today (Yoruba Soul Remix)
16 4 Siders - Unreleased Projects (Sol Y Mas (B's Unreleased Re-edit))
17 The Defloristics - What's Goin On?
18 Sole Vxion - In Love With Loving You (Original Mix)
19 Knee Deep - Darlin (big love EP)2008

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