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SHAG 1-Aug-2016 Soulful House And Garage
August 03, 2016 01:49 PM PDT
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S.H.A.G. Soulful, House And Garage
the best in Soulful and Afro House music podcast.

# Artist - Title
1 Problem Child Ten83, Dvine Lopez - Musical Feeling (Tekniq's D Tech Mix)
2 SoulLab - Lose Appreciation
3 Chymamusique - Love Anthem
4 Steve Paradise, Tai Malone - Over and Out
5 Scott Wozniak - Evermore (Instrumental Mix)
6 Sheldon Goode - You (Instrumental)
7 D La Dino - Soul Cafe (Original Mix)
8 Diana Lynn, Stones & Bones, Abicah Soul - Wonderland (Abicah Soul Mix)
9 DJ E-Clyps, Anya V, Spike Reble - Lucky #7 (Original Mix)
10 Groovyman feat. Jamie George - 2Lift Me Up (Instrumental)
11 Andy Ward feat Sofia Rubina - Streets Of The Sun (Heavyweight Mix)
12 D.General, Mahume - Misconception (Original Instrumental)
13 A-Luta - Sadness & North (Original Mix)
14 Sean McCabe And Nathan Adams - Someday We'll All Be Free (Original)
15 Contre Sens - Black History (Original Mix)
16 Lifford, Wipe The Needle, Kai Alcé - Rise Up (Kai Alce DISTICTIVE Remix)
17 Bizio Cool - Peace
18 Jackie Queens & Enoo Napa - Read My Mind

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SHAG Soulful House And Garage 25-July-16
July 26, 2016 03:29 PM PDT
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Soulful House And Garage Podcast
The best in Deep Soulful and Afro House Music.

Num. Artist - Title
1 Exte C, Justin Imperiale - My Way Back (Justin Imperiale Remix) Feb 2016
2 Trans of Life - Foi Voce (TOL Vocal Dub) - 7A - 124
3 Most Lenyora, Komplexity, Decency, Dindy - Never Leave (Original Mix)
4 Sole Vxion - Quest Of Love (Instrumental Mix) - 7A
5 Deepconsoul, Dindy, Mthi Wa Afrika - My Heart (Mthi Wa Afrika Deep N Soul Feel Mix)
6 Echo Deep - Angels Peace (Original Mix)
7 Simon Groove - I Do Not Want For My (Original Mix)
8 Call Me Cleve, Zhana - They Don't See (Cleve's Luscious Club Mix)
9 Petrus - Heart & Soul
10 Mega Jawns, Finest Wear -Blink Of An Eye (Finest Wear Remix)
11 DJ Lamor - 6th View (Original Mix)
12 Sound Syndicate, Josep Pou - Sunset Keys (La Calma Mix)
13 MasterDeepG, Lavista D, MelloDeep, SoulChild - Sons Of Limpopo (Main Afro Mix)
14 Exte C - Testify
15 Franco Verni, Tony Huncle, Elenoire - The Underground
16 DJ Fanzy, Marvin, Mizz Embow - Freedom (Original Mix)
17 Marko Militano, Director's Cut, Frankie Knuckles, Eric Kupper - Good People (Director's Cut Signature Mix)
18 Joseph Junior & MAQman - Praise Scat (Ibitaly Remix)

Presented and Mixed by DJP

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Soulful House And Garage SHAG 13-June-16 DJP
June 14, 2016 02:26 PM PDT
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The Best in Deep Soulful and Afro House Music

# Artist - Title
1 Zwithy De Quiver - Zone III (MOQS Clubbing Mix)
2 Tiro Cafe - Life Love & Music (Original Mix)
3 Veev - Seconds (Original Mix)
4 Antonello Coghe, DJ Roland Clark, Vanco - I Wonder If She Knows (Vanco Afro Latin Mix)
5 Kenny Dolo, Godfrey, Deepconsoul - 330ml (Deepconsoul Visited Mix)
6 Ian Friday, Mike City, Abicah Soul - Never Gets Old (Abicah Soul Remix)
7 Jameisha Trice, SNDSTRMS, Rubb Sound System - No Gravity Feat. Jameisha Trice (Rubb Sound System Remix)
8 Big Brooklyn Red, Ethan White, Jay-J - Decide (Ethan White easyTracks Mix)
9 DelsoMusic - Secret Conversation (Original Mix)
10 Echo Deep - Groove (Original Mix)
11 Thomas Blondet, Eric Kupper, Arnold Jarvis - How Lucky
12 Kholi, Zepherin Saint - Inner Freak (Zepherin Saint Tribe vocal mix)
13 Portia Monique, The Layabouts - Ecstasy (The Layabouts Vocal Mix)
14 Doug Gomez - Night Creatures
15 IQ Musique, Cosmiq, Dany Cohiba - Smile Again (Dany Cohiba Remix)
16 Boddhi Satva, Teedra Moses - Skin Diver (feat. Teedra Moses)
17 TechTonic Tay - Art Gallery
18 DJ Beloved - All We Do (Biz Groove Mix)
19 Kimara Lovelace, Earl TuTu, John Khan, Dj Spen - When Can Our Love Begin (Earl TuTu, John Khan & Dj Spen Reprise Dub)
20 Louie vega - work this, like this

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Mixed live on http://pressureradio.com by DJP every Monday 10pm uk time

Soulful House And Garage 16-May-16 SHAG DJP
May 18, 2016 02:22 PM PDT
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Soulful House And Garage S.H.A.G. Radio show podcast 16-May-2016 Presented and mixed by DJP on Pressure Radio

# Artist - Title
1 WU15, Henry Wu - Shahada
2 Chriss DeVynal, Ref - Best Friend (Sky High Chilled Mix)
3 Louis Benedetti, Sy Smith - I Want You For Myself (Louis Benedetti Classic Instrumental)
4 Monodeluxe feat. janane jordan - Time (jonny montana vocal mix)
5 Wipe The Needle, Taliwa - Found You (Original Mix)
6 Sacred Soul - Nishela Kanjni (Instrumental)
7 Soulmanik - Desire (Original Mix)
8 Tyrese - Shame (Phant Alternate Xtended Edit)
9 From P60, Lisa Shaw, Rightside, Mark Di Meo - Magic (Rightside & Mark Di Meo Remix)
10 DJ Fudge - Asikolo (Mark Di Meo Remix)
11 The DangerFeel Newbies, Kai Alcé, Danny Krivit - What Am I Here For? (Original NDATL Vocal - Danny Krivit Edit)
12 Maurice Joshua, John Abbeyea, DJ Octopuz - Oh Yeah (Octopuz Instrumental Mix)
13 Leefa The DJ, Mavusana - Mama Africa (Original Mix)
14 Jackie Queens & Enoo Napa - Read My Mind
15 Peppe Citarella, Chynaah Doll, Paris Hairston, Davide Fiorese - Free (Davide Fiorese Club Mix)
16 Lifford, Wipe The Needle, Kai Alcé - Rise Up (Kai Alce DISTICTIVE Remix)
17 Alex Finkin - I'm Leaving(Feat. Vanina Pietri) (Original)
18 Arnold Jarvis - Inspiration
19 kerri chandler ft Arnold Jarvis - Music is my friend

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Playing the best in Deep Soulful Afro House Music

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SHAG 9-May-16 Soulful House And Garage - DJP
May 10, 2016 04:05 PM PDT
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Chilled relaxing Deep Soulful & Afro House music Mixed Live by DJP

# Artist - Title
1 Doug Gomez - Our Thing (Original Mix)
2 De Vibe Tribe - Deep In The Lake (Main Mix)
3 Afronature - Chilling Vibe
4 Abicah Soul - Lonely Hearts (Instrumental)
5 Mario Marques, CT Martin, Kenny Carpenter - Caught Up (Kenny Carpenter Honeybun Vocal Mix)
6 Luciano Gioia, Luis Radio - Pacifico (Luis Radio Remix)
7 Kelvin Sylvester, Nephrom! - Special Kind Of Love (Original Mix)
8 CPEN - Tweed Heads (Matthew Bandy remix) - 5A - 125
9 Terry Lex - Rhythm Of Life [Original Club]12-3-11
10 Jackie Queens & Enoo Napa - Read My Mind ***
11 Mat2Strass, Kenny Bobien - I Will (Deep Mix)
12 Hideo Kobayashi, Lisa Taylor, JT Donaldson - Right Here (JT and Hideo Remix)
13 Gintonic - Love Today (Original Mix)
14 Moon Rocket, Tori Rogg - Who You Are (The Moon Ext. Mix)
15 Octopuz, Mr Jbu - More I Love You (9090 Deeper Vocal Mix)
16 Dzo(AudionicSouls) - Days (729 Soulful Mix)
17 Lesny Deep, De Vow - Believe Me (Instrumental Mix)
18 Johan S, Soulfuledge - The One (Original Mix)
19 Anthony Mea - Street Of Love
20 Braderz (Da posse ft Martell 1989) - Searchin' Hard 2016 Braderz remake +++

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SHAG 2-May-16 Soulful House And Garage
May 03, 2016 02:34 PM PDT
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Num. Artist Title
1 Beverly Hills - Sunny Girl (Original Mix)
2 1605 - Impulse (Original Mix)
3 Kings Of Groove - Special Moments (Club Jan´s Love Mix)
4 Soulbridge, Rachael Calladine, Luis Loowee R Rivera - State Of Mind (Luis Loowee R Rivera Remix)
5 Soulful Session, Selina Campbell, Kenny Carpenter - Love Rain Down (Kenny Carpenter Comfort Zone Mix)
6 Zulu's At Work, Wendy Jane Satchell - How Love Goes (Main Vocal Mix)
7 Sole Vxion - Quest Of Love (Instrumental Mix)
8 The Memory Notes, Diane Charlemagne, Solar Flare - Follow The Sun (Solar Flare Dub)
9 Mario Marques, CT Martin, Kenny Carpenter - Caught Up (Kenny Carpenter Honeybun Vocal Mix)
10 KqueSol, Shatti - Holding On (Original Mix)
11 Yonela Roloti,Happy Mdunjana - Take Me Higher (Radio Edit)
12 Farm House Projects - Step Into The Blues (Original Mix)
13 H Justini, Velma Dandzo - Now (Main Mix)
14 Tracebeatz & Bob, Darian Crouse - Won't Be The One (N'Dinga Gaba Remix)
15 GU - Forever Love (Original Vocal)
16 Lesny Deep, De Vow - Believe Me (Instrumental Mix)
17 Infected Soul - Bon Voyage - Iklwa Bros
18 Lisa Foster Wilson - No One (I'm Free) GT SLAAG MIX (GT SLAAG EXTENDUB MIX)
19 Jose Sousa, Jessica Custer - How You Living - The Soul Creative mix - Perception

S.H.A.G. Radio Show is broadcast live 10pm (UK time) every Monday on www.pressureradio.com

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SHAG Soulful House And Garage 11-Apr-16
April 13, 2016 12:59 PM PDT
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The best in Deep Soulful & Afro House
Num. Artist Title
1 Killing Mid Side, Daniel Barross, Q Narongwate - Some Day (Q Narongwate Remix)
2 Leanbacker, Ross Couch - Sweet Dreams (Ross Couch House Dub)
3 The BBn & Ron Carroll, Sean McCabe - That's The Way (Sean McCabe's Powerhouse mix)
4 Seal - Violet (Scott Wozniak Bootleg Mix) - 8A
5 Blaq Deep - Fly Me To The Moon
6 Antony Crox - Monsterous (Main Dark Dream)
7 Glenn Underground - Man On Fire
8 Dvine Brothers, Afrique Essence - Soulful Melodies (Original Mix)
9 D La Dino - Soul Cafe (Original Mix)
10 Nteeze & Andy, Jaidene Veda, REAL DEEP - You And Me A Melody (REAL DEEP Dub Mix)
11 Eman & Doc Link - Vocalease (Deez Inst)
12 Wil Milton, Rodney Carter, Eric Scott - Uncertain (Bliss NYC Vocal Mix)
13 Wil Milton - Ibeje Tu Con Muerto (Alt Mix) - 8B/8A
14 Argy, Ditto - Let Me Out
15 Glenn Gregory - Just Playin
16 Room 806 - Memories (Original Mix)
17 Addvibe, Tamba Benoit, SoundSience - Akabe (Soundscience's Capital Soul Remix)
18 Kenny Bobien, Chris Perez - You're Always There (Chris Perez Bonus Mix)
19 Kite, Doc"N"Tones - Where The Light Left Me (JAYAW Afro Mix)

Recorded Live on Pressure Radio Every Monday 10pm Uk time

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SHAG Soulful House And Garage 21-Mar-16 DJP
March 26, 2016 02:57 PM PDT
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S.H.A.G. Soulful House And Garage Live Radio Show recording DJP Monday 21-March-2016

Num. Artist Title
1 Sofy Encanto - Once Again (Once Again (The Soul Creative Mix)
2 Joseph Junior, MAQman & Jezrael - Spiritualized (MAQman & Jezrael Instrumental)
3 Louie Vega, Cassio Ware - Just The Way I Like It (Dance Ritual Fuzion Studio Mix)
4 Martin Thomas - Higher (Dub Mix)
5 Sean McCabe, Erik Dillard - Everything’s Alright Ft Erik Dillard (Sean McCabe All-Dub Mix)
6 Anthony K. - Distance (Rhythm Inside Chords)
7 LeePearsonJr Collective, K LaDawn - The Real Deal (Inst. Mix)
8 Ethnix - Mosadi (Main Mix)
9 Alex Millet, Curtis Clark, Earl Tutu, John Khan - Nobody Can Take My Soul, Pt. 1 (Earl Tutu & John Khan Mix)
10 Niko Favata, Mara J Boston - Sing My Joy (Original Mix)
11 Monodeluxe - City Lights (Original Mix)
12 Dub Striker - Shangri-La Sunset (Original Mix)
13 Rune - Knock Knock (Main Mix)
14 Peyton, Eric Kupper - When I'm Dreaming (Eric Kupper's Original Mix)
15 Magnet Matthews, Mr. Vin K, Zinitta - Water Still (Soulface Remix)
16 The Laidbacks, Misoul - Sober (Main Instrumental Mix)
17 Kite, Doc"N"Tones - Where The Light Left Me (JAYAW Afro Mix)
18 Marttin - The Underground (Original Mix)
19 TCM, Marc Evans - Felt Like Heaven (Original)
20 Trans of Life - Foi Voce (TOL Vocal Dub)

Catch DJP Live on Pressure Radio Every Monday 10pm UK Time (5pm NYC Time)

March 16, 2016 02:11 PM PDT
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Poolside Set Recorded live at Vocal Booth weekender 2015 Spain

DJP in the Mix

Soulful House And Garage 03-Mar-2016 SHAG DJP
March 04, 2016 03:15 PM PST
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Relaxing Deep Soulful & Afro House to blow your mind Recorded Live on http://PressureRadio.com DJP
# Artist - Track
1 Kay-9ine - Welcome Home (Tribute To My Son Mix)
2 DJ Sonic - Teenage Love (Original Mix)
3 Ethnix - Mosadi (Main Mix)
4 Soulem, Mbuso Magubane - Choices (Original Mix)
5 Louie Vega, Kaylow - Can We Keep This Going (Album Mix)
6 The Soulband Project A.K.A Thomchris - Taking Me Higher (Original Mix)
7 DJ Sonic - This Is It (Original Mix)
8 Faith Howard, Ondagroove - Waymaker (Ondagroove Mix)
9 Bryan Washington, Gordy Love, Rishi Bass - My Love (Rishi Bass Classic Rework)
10 The Soul Collective, Giandomenico Di Vito, Carla Prather - God With Me (Instrumental)
11 Beppe Gioia of Garage Family ft Tommaso Da Prato - Journey (Original)
12 Kid Fonque, D-Malice, Clara Hill, Atjazz - All This Time (Atjazz Astro Remix)
13 E-Jay & Over12 Feat. Lebo - Umuntu (Instrumental)
14 Liquid People pres. Danism ft. Heidi Vogel - Hypnotize Sole Spring Sampler - 4A - 127
15 Hot Wind - You Kiss Me (Vocal Mix)
16 Kings of Groove ft. Jessi Colasante - I Can't Get You (Dub Mix) - 6A
17 BLAZE - Gloria's Muse (Danny Krivit 718 mix)
18 Randomized Coffee - Agboho (N'Dinga Gaba Remix)

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